Famous Defense Lawyer Says Zimmerman Charging Affidavit Is “Unethical”


For those of you who haven’t read the charging document, it’s right here, and you needn’t worry because it’s very short. Via Allah, here’s the crux of the prosecutions case which they think proves that Zimmerman is guilty of “unlawful killing of a human being” by “evincing a depraved mind regardless of human life” which is the standard set out for 2nd Degree Murder by Florida law:

It doesn’t take a legal expert to see that’s some pretty thin gruel. Alan Dershowitz, an actual legal expert what with his being perhaps the most famous legal defense attorney in the United States, thinks the charging affidavit is downright unethical:

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So why would the prosecutor file such thin charges against Zimmerman? And why would she file them directly to the judge, instead of going before a grand jury?

As I speculated in my post yesterday, it’s almost assuredly political pressure. The prosecutor probably knows she doesn’t have a case. What she’s most likely doing is tossing a softball up before the judge hoping he’ll swat it down and be the bad guy.

Because there’s so much political furor surrounding this case – up to and including the President injecting himself into the matter – that the prosecutor didn’t want to take the heat for telling Travon Martin’s friends, family and the hordes of politically-motivated race baiters who have encircled them that Zimmerman really didn’t break any laws.

Rob Port

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