Entitlement Society: Couple Thinks They Have A Right To Inflict Their Children On Others


Recently Jet Blue kicked a couple and their kids off an international flight because their kids were throwing a fit on board and causing delays because they wouldn’t allow themselves to be buckled. The couple ran to the media complaining that Jet Blue had no “compassion,” and got an interview on the Today Show with Matt Lauer during which their kids showed how well-behaved they aren’t:

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Most of us have traveled with kids at one point or another, and so most of us have had that moment where we know our kids are irritating the strangers around us. It’s not fun. That being said, the airline was showing compassion. They were being compassionate to every other person on that plane who didn’t have to take an international flight with a couple of screaming kids, misbehaving kids.

A little bit of tolerance for some unruly little ones is one thing. Parents who expect strangers to deal with their kids despite their inability to control them is quite another.

It’s the same sort of attitude that leads some people to think that other people should subsidize their sex lives, or that they can walk into a bar and expect everyone else to quit smoking to accommodate them.

Rob Port

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