Edwards: I’ll Fix Education By Making Rich Kids Go To Inner-City Schools, Vice Versa


NEW ORLEANS — Sen. John Edwards plans to warn later this week that the nation’s schools have become segregated by race and income, and he will propose measures to diversify both inner-city and middle-class schools.
The plan calls for beefing up inner-city magnet schools to attract suburban kids, and providing extra money for schools in middle-class areas as a reward for enrolling more low-income students. . . .
“The result is,” Edwards continued, “if you live in a wealthy suburban area, the odds are very high that your child will get a very good public school education. If you live in the inner city or if you live in a poor rural area, the odds of that go down dramatically. And I think there are very specific things we can do to not only improve the quality of the education in those areas but also to improve the quality of our schools at large.”
In his remarks later this week, Edwards plans to criticize last month’s 5-4 Supreme Court decision striking down two school desegregation programs and saying that schools cannot use race as a basis for assigning students, even to promote diversity.
The proposals Edwards plans to unveil would encourage income diversity in schools, in the hope that poor students would have more experienced teachers and motivated classmates.

He’s going to encourage income diversity in our schools. So how does that work? Well to make “rich” schools more diverse you send more poor kids there. But to make poor schools more diverse? I guess you have to force rich kids to go there.
Now class warfare and populist rhetoric about the wealthy elite aside, is it really fair to make some suburban kid go to an inner city school just because his/her parents happen to be rich?
The real solution to these education problems (because there is a problem with poorer kids from poorer neighborhoods having to go to poorer schools) is obviously school choice. Give each kid a voucher, and then let that kid along with his/her parents choose what school they want to go to. Not only would this allow poor kids to get out of poor neighborhoods and go to good schools, it would also cause the private school industry to flourish and provide a lot of good options to these kids as the various schools compete for those vouchers.
It just makes sense. Sadly, John Edwards and the rest of the Democrats are far too beholden to teachers unions and so-called “civil rights” groups to back something that makes as much sense as school vouchers. Because the teachers unions don’t want to lose their monopoly on public education, and the “civil rights” groups really don’t want to see their constituents lifted out of the gutter with a better education.
Because it’s pretty hard to turn well-educated, self-reliant people into victims. Plus, when people get an education, get a job and become financially successful they tend to become Republican.
Can’t have that happening.

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