Ed Schultz Calls John McCain A Warmonger

Hope and the spirit of unity was alive and well at last night’s North Dakota Democrat convention.

Obama was introduced by North Dakota’s three-man Congressional delegation, whom he greeted as friends, Sens. Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan and, as Obama called him, “Ed Pomeroy.” Rep. Earl Pomeroy gave Conrad a sheepish grin at the joke.
Radio talk show star Ed Schultz warmed up the crowd, attacking Sen. John McCain as “a warmonger,” before Obama arrived in the room.
Obama thanked Schultz, saying he was the “voice of progressive radio,” and someone “who knows a little bit about sports.”

Schultz insults the man most North Dakotans will undoubtedly vote to put in the White House come November (given that North Dakota hasn’t voted for a Democrat President in decades), and Obama thanks him.
Is anyone surprised that this happened? That the North Dakota Democrats – almost entirely funded by out-of-state money – would hold an event that’s so clearly out of step with the majority of North Dakotans? An event that, frankly, would have been more at home in New York or San Francisco than Grand Forks?
They might be, but they shouldn’t be.
This is no small insult, either. Warmonger? That’s a nasty charge, and certainly far beneath the squeaky-clean campaign Obama claims to be running.
Update: You’ll notice the Fargo Forum video of Obama’s speech at the convention last night picks up after Schultz’s insult. Guess the Forum wants North Dakotans to have the story. Just not the whole story.

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