Ed Schultz Blames Bush For Minnesota Bridge Collapse

No, I’m not kidding. Here’s a paraphrase of what he said:

…the only reason Bush is talking about fatalities is because he didn’t give MN enough money to maintain the bridge.

Right, Ed. Because it’s the President, and not Congress, who appropriates highway funds for roads and bridges.
What’s more, have we really departed so far from our federalist roots that we’re now blaming the President of the United States for not properly maintaining a bridge in Minneapolis (if that is indeed why the bridge went down)? What about local city officials? County road inspectors? State highway department people? The governor?
But hey, I guess this is what you get from a paid mouthpiece for the Democrat party.
Of course, Schultz isn’t the only liberal driven to stupidity by the bridge collapse in Minnesota. Others are saying that the bridge collapsed because, get this, we aren’t paying enough in taxes. Again, I’m not sure why the bridge in Minnesota collapsed (hasn’t anyone been inspecting it?), but if more funding was needed to maintain it Congress could have cut back on the number of million dollar bus stops and bridges to nowhere they’ve been building with our highway money.

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