Earl Pomeroy Caves, Says He’ll Back Pelosi’s Bill And Public Option

Found buried in a Washington Post article about Pelosi’s much-hyped health care bill unveiling today:

Before the bill’s official unveiling, House Democrats gathered in the basement of the Capitol to get a final briefing on the legislation from their leaders. Though many members cautioned that they would need to read through the bill before making a final decision, there were indications that holdouts on both the right and left were moving closer to casting “aye” votes.
Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-N.D.), a prominent fiscal hawk, stood up at the party meeting and announced that he would support the measure, drawing a round of applause loud enough that it was audible outside the room. Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.), one of the most conservative members of the caucus, did not go that far but suggested to reporters that he was more open to backing the bill than he ever had been before.

Sounds like, once again, “Blue Dog” Earl Pomeroy is going to throw the interests of his constituents under the bus and side with his party.
You know how Pomeroy, along with Senators Conrad and Dorgan, always campaign here in North Dakota about how they’ve been in Washington DC so long that they’ve got the seniority to fight for the interests of North Dakotans? Contrast that with Pomeroy avoiding his constituents during the August recess by not holding any town hall meetings and then caving to Pelosi on health care.

Curmudgeonly sesquipedalian.

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