Dumbama’s State Of the Union Speech 4th Most Childish Since Analysis Began

President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address

We knew he wasn’t that bright.

Obama’s Flesch-Kincaid grade level score of 8.8 for his first State of the Union Address was the fourth lowest score since FDR’s first Address in 1934.
What this means is that Obama wrote and delivered a speech that incorporated shorter sentences, with those sentences containing shorter words, than nearly every such Presidential Address in the modern era.

President Bush generally spoke at nearly two grade levels above Obama.
To be fair to Obama’s teleprompter. It knows that Obama has a tough time with hard words and that Obama’s supporters have an even tougher time understanding.
Still, I’m sure the speech was above the head of most of the people in that room.

Scott Hennen

Scott Hennen is the host of the What's On Your Mind syndicated talk radio show broadcasting from its flagship KFYR in Bismarck to stations across North Dakota.

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