Double Standards On The Turtle Mountain Reservation

Back in January I wrote a column about the rampant poverty and unemployment on the Turtle Mountain Indian reservation and it ended up getting me banned from that reservation several months later.
Today there comes news of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa tribe itself citing rampant poverty and unemployment to secure itself millions of dollars in grants.

So what do we learn here? That it’s ok to talk about poverty and unemployment on the reservation, but only when it’s done to secure more handouts and entitlements and not when it’s done to criticize the leadership and lack of accountability on the reservation. Just like it’s not ok to talk about crime on the reservation when you’re criticizing the tribal leadership (as I did) but it’s ok to complain about it when you’re petitioning the government for more money.
Which is just about the best way to make sure that poverty and unemployment never goes away, if you ask me.

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