Did Democrat Senate Candidate Claim She Was Indian For Affirmative Action?


Apparently back in the 1990’s Harvard University was touting its hire of Elizabeth Warren, who is currently challenging Republican Senator Scott Brown, as evidence of diversity because, according to them, she’s part Native American.

The problem? Well, there’s no evidence that Warren is, you know, an Indian.

Elizabeth Warren said she had no idea until she read the Herald today her Native American heritage was touted by Harvard Law School as proof of their faculty’s diversity in the 1990s — a fact her rival wants her to apologize for.

“I think I read it on the front page of the Herald,” Warren said when asked about the issue.

“I don’t even remember,” she added when asked about a 1996 Harvard Crimson article that quoted a then-law school spokesman touting her minority status. “You’re trying to raise something from 15 years ago.”

Her GOP Senate rival, U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, said today the story raises “some questions that need to be answered.” Brown’s campaign went further calling on Warren to apologize for allowing Harvard to claim she was part Native American.

“For years, Harvard has claimed special minority status for Professor Elizabeth Warren as a member of a Native American tribe and their first minority hire,” said Jim Barnett, campaign manager for Brown. “That Warren allowed Harvard to hold her up as an example of their commitment to diversity in the hiring of historically disadvantaged communities is an insult to all Americans who have suffered real discrimination and mistreatment, and Warren should apologize for participating in this hypocritical sham.”

Warren, who has not provided any documentation on her Native American heritage, said she is “proud” of her lineage.

“These are my family stories,” she said. “This is our lives and I am very proud of that.”

This raises some interesting question. It’s hard to imagine that Harvard just made up something about Warren’s ancestry, just as its equally hard to believe that the claims Harvard was making to the media weren’t noticed by Warren herself. Which makes a pretty strong case for the idea that Warren herself made the claim to Harvard as a part of the hiring process.

And since there are lots and lots of fearsome laws governing when racial heritage can become an issue during the hiring process, Warren’s supposed Native American background had to of been referenced in the hope that it would help her application from an affirmative action angle.

Which just proves, once again, how absurd affirmative action laws are. Warren was an affluent, lily-white lawyer when she applied to work at Harvard. Even if she has some fractional degree of Native American heritage, the whole idea behind affirmative action laws is to give a leg up to those who need it.

Warren didn’t need it.

Absurdities like this will only end when we stop government policies that requires skin color, gender, etc. be a factor in hiring/admission decisions.

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