Desperate For A Talking Point, Liberal Media Hypes Rick Berg Town Hall

Earlier today I wrote a post about Rick Berg’s town hall in Bismarck, including a video highlight filmed by, noting that Berg had taken a couple of tough questions.

Soon after, liberal media outfits like the Huffington Post and Raw Story picked up the story pushing the narrative that Berg had been raked over the coals by angry constituents as this town hall.

“Rick Berg Faces Hostile Questioning Over Medicare,” reads the HuffPo headline. “Confronted by seniors, GOP Rep. Berg denies he voted to scrap Medicare,” reads the Raw Story headline.

Now, I understand that it’s embarrassing for the left to have hyped Paul Ryan’s budget as being this terrible travesty only to have the public’s response be something less than outraged, and I understand that it’s embarrassing to them to have polls indicating that seniors actually don’t hate Ryan’s budget, but they’re just going to look foolish trying to manufacture a grassroots push back that simply doesn’t exist.

And manufacturing is exactly what they’re doing. Andrew Stiles at National Review has a nice round-up of the left’s efforts to hype this faux town hall outrage around the nation. North Dakota was just their latest attempt to hype a non-story.

Berg wasn’t raked over the coals. He got questions from a couple of critics who had liberal talking points. They’re certainly entitled to their opinion, but Berg fielding a couple of pointed questions is hardly in the same category as the town hall protests of 2009.

I played a big part in helping get people out to those town hall events that were being put on by Senators Conrad and Dorgan, and I think the dissent those Senators saw from their constituents is what convinced each of them to resign instead of running for another term. I also think Earl Pomeroy’s decision not to hold a single town hall event contributed mightily to his defeat in the 2010 election.

Berg, clearly, is not facing that same level of opposition whatever the liberal left may choose to believe. I’ll have the entire video of the town hall up later today.

Rob Port

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