Democrat-Touted Pharos Poll Now Shows 2 Point Berg Lead


Desperate for positive polling numbers in North Dakota’s Senate race, Democrats have been touting some very sketchy polling conducted by North Dakota-based Pharos Research. There are a lot of very good reasons not to take the polling seriously, as I’ve written before.

But Democrats have cited it as it showed a lead for Heitkamp.

For what it’s worth, Steve Leuchtman (who is one of the partners behind Pharos) told me in an email today that their polling now shows Berg with a 2-point lead.

Here’s what he sent me:

FWIW, unreliable though we may be (and as I conceded to you, we spent several weeks finding our range), final poll, concluded yesterday, Berg 49-47.

The last polling posted on the Pharos website, which concluded October 28th, showed Heitkamp with a 2-point lead. Meaning this poll shows a 4-point swing to Berg in the closing days of the campaign.

To the extent that Pharos is reliable polling that is, and I don’t think it’s very reliable at all. But Democrats cited Pharos as reliable so, for what it’s worth, those are the latest numbers.

Update: Here’s the report:

ND Pharos Poll

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