Democrat Thinks Pepsi Super Bowl Ad Was Racist

This Pepsi ad got a chuckle out of me:

But Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee isn’t laughing:

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) took to the House floor Tuesday night to criticize what she called a “demeaning” Pepsi ad that aired during the Super Bowl. …

Jackson Lee said it was ridiculous for the soft drink maker to air the advertisement during African-American history month.

“In this month of African-American history where we’re trying to celebrate what is good and great, it certainly seems ridiculous that Pepsi would utilize this kind of humor,” she said. “It was not humorous. It was demeaning — an African-American woman throwing something at an African-American male and winding up hitting a Caucasian woman.”

I guess I’m not seeing the problem. Is it racist because it depicts a black woman throwing something at a white woman? Racist because the black man finds the white woman attractive? Racist because the portrayal of the black wife/girlfriend was something less than flattering?

I’m fine with blacks finding whites attractive and vice versa, and hen-picked husbands/boyfriends are a phenomena that crosses racial and cultural lines.

Rep. Jackson-Lee says later in the article that she “has a sense of humor.” I think that assumes facts not in evidence.

Rob Port

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