Democrat Senate Candidate Heidi Heitkamp Says President Obama Has Failed


The Associated Press has a lengthy piece about North Dakota’s Senate race up today, and it makes a lot of the mistakes that most out-of-state political observers make. To wit, I don’t think the Senate race between Rick Berg and Heidi Heitkamp is nearly as competitive as the story implies.

But setting that aside for a moment, I found these comments from Heidi Heitkamp about President Barack Obama to be interesting.

In an interview, Heitkamp made it clear she intends to keep her distance from Obama.

“I think he’s failed in the one test America had for him, which was to unite the country,” she told The Associated Press. “I think he needed to be more hands-on. … I don’t think he’s done enough to think broadly and come up with solutions that would engage both sides in a reasonable dialogue.”

So Heidi Heitkamp is saying, on the campaign trail, that Barack Obama has failed.

Yet, back in 2008 Heitkamp (in now-infamous video that North Dakota Democrats have worked to get taken off the internet) Heitkamp said Obama was going to be “awesome.” And just a few weeks ago Heitkamp told a questioner at a public event that she’d be voting again for Obama in 2012.

So Heitkamp wants to distance herself from the President she thought as awesome and is going to vote for?

Does anyone really find this credible?

Rob Port

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