Democrat Party Spokesman Forgets Name Of Democrat Candidate In Alaska

Here’s a hint, Brad Woodhouse, it’s Scott McAdams. Kind of like the guy who does Dilbert, but more Scottish/Irish.

From the Washington Post:

The DNC’s Brad Woodhouse jumped on Heye immediately, “If Republicans are going to say whatever they need to do to win, I think we might be in better shape than people think.” But when Woodhouse was asked to name the Democratic Senate candidate in Alaska, which is a strong Republican hold, he was at a loss. Eventually he responded, “Well, our candidate in Alaska…his name is not Lisa Murkowski.” (Woodhouse fields the question at about 6 minutes in.).

Woodhouse was right about that. His name is Scott McAdams.

Funnily enough, a friend of mine from Alaska were just talking the other day about how Alaska – much like North Dakota – is a state so dominated by Republicans that really the “partisan” divide in the state isn’t so much Democrat vs. Republican as conservative Republican vs. RINO.

Clearly, the Miller/Murkowski primary and the fact that official DNC spokesmen can’t even remember the Democrat Senate candidate’s name in Alaska bears this theory out.

Rob Port

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