Democrat Legislator Says Party Told Him Not To Attend Giffords Gun Control Event

Far more interesting than the substance of former Congresswoman Gabbie Giffords’ argument for gun control while she was here in North Dakota – it was the usual preaching about “common sense reform” with the crowd nodding along, because they’re pro-common sense you know, and few actually understanding what’s being proposed – was the fact that Democrats avoided her as though she was carrying some sort of airborne communicable disease.

Well, most Democrats anyway. Neither Senator Heitkamp nor the state Democrat Party did a thing on their own to acknowledge that Giffords was in the state, and that was telling. More telling are the comments from state Senator Tim Mathern, a Democrat who did show up at the event.

“A number of my colleagues encouraged us not to attend lest it be a liability to attend politically and I thought, ‘well I’m going anyway,'” Senator Mathern told Valley News Live’s Ashley Bishop (pertinent video at the 6:37 mark).

That’s a startling admission, confirming the Democrats’ cynical position on gun control. At heart they’re for it, but publicly they can’t acknowledge it in North Dakota because it wouldn’t be politically convenient.

Mathern also seemed to be surprised at how small the crowd was.

Rob Port

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