Democrat House Minority Leader: Tea Party Is “Poisonous To Our Future”

Steny Hoyer is the incoming House Minority Leader. Thanks to an election that saw Democrats losing out thanks to growing tea party sentiments in the American electorate he’s the outgoing House Majority Leader.

Which probably explains why he feels the tea party, which he doesn’t name specifically though the target of his comments is clear, is so poisonous. It’s not been great for his political career so far.


Hoyer feels that many of his Democrat colleagues who were voted out of power in the last election will be vindicated by history as we all grow to appreciate the wisdom of the 111th Congress which ran up huge deficits and saddle the nation’s economy with Obamacare. I’m more than a little skeptical, but I can tell you that it’s a bit grating to be lectured by Hoyer, who says that it’s often “easier to borrow” than to make tough spending choices.

He’s right, but given the amount of debt he and his fellow Democrats just got done ringing up on the taxpayer’s credit, he’s the wrong person to be making that argument.

Rob Port

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