Define “Everyone”

obama scratching head

President Obama was quoted as saying, “If you want to be president, you have to work for everyone.” I was wondering, does “everyone” include:

The “bitter clingers” of the midwest?

The non-union plant workers of Delphi?

The voters who don’t vote for the right guy?

The shops who don’t support the right right candidate?

The donors who don’t write the correct name on the pay line?

The states that know how to manage their finances?

The followers of any religion or just the ones that get violent?

Jay Winkis

Jay Winkis lives in Horace, ND and works in Fargo. He likes cooking, politics, guitars, books, poker and whiskey, though certainly not in that order. He is either a liberal Conservative or a conservative Liberal, whichever makes you angrier. He blogs at Pocket Jacks.

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