David Gregory Questions John Boehner…About Obama Being A Muslim?

Egyptian turmoil. An epic battle over spending, deficits and debt brewing in Congress. Legal challenges to Obamacare slowly inching their way to Supreme Court where the law will be, more than likely, struck down as unconstitutional.

All of these important, topical issues to discuss and what does NBC’s David Gregory choose to grill Speaker John Boehner over on Meet The Press?

Obama being a Muslim.

Gregory suggests that it’s somehow Boehner’s job to address conspiracy theories about Obama’s birth certificate and/or religion. Boehner responds, appropriately, that it’s not his job to tell the American people what to think.

But let’s turn this question around. If the point is to disabuse people of their false notions about President Obama then why not ask the President why he hasn’t released his full birth certificate? I believe the President is a citizen, and that all this focus on his birth certificate is silly, but if you’re going to ask the question why not go to the source?

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See, the libs don’t want to talk about Obamacare or spending or the national debt. The libs need to distract. Thus, we get nonsense like this.

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