Cop Tells Pro-Walker Protester “You’re Going To Get Your Ass Kicked”


The Wisconsin Reporter has video of a pro-Scott Walker protester walking among the leftist activists and union members at the Tom Barrett rally. The guy, a former Marine and union member, was walking around with his sign, engaging the union members around him:

Then he was grabbed, literally, by the scruff of his neck and dragged out of the protest by a cop who told him he was going to get his “ass kicked.” When the guy protested his treatment at the hands of the cop, he was arrested.

So much for free speech.

I guess you could say the guy was being a bit provocative, both with his sign and his words, but since when was being provocative against the law? And isn’t stopping someone’s speech or protest because they might incite violence prior restraint?

And who should be held accountable for violence resulting from free speech, the speaker or those doing the violence?

Rob Port

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