Contraceptive Fight Proved Why Health Insurance Should Be Bought In Free Markets


At PJ Media, Paul Hsieh rounds up some free market lessons learned over the contraceptive entitlement fight.

He makes excellent point, but perhaps the most important lesson from the brawl over contraceptives is that the government shouldn’t be in charge of determining what our health insurance policies do and do not cover.

Right now the left is ok with this sort of government control, because their guys are in charge and imposing a contraceptive entitlement on the rest of us, even those who might have moral objections to contraceptives. But what happens if we, as one example, have a President Rick Santorum next and he not only reverses the mandates for contraceptives and such but institutes new mandates of his own. Mandates requiring coverage for faith-based counseling services.

Meaning you’d have to pay for those services whether you were interested in them or not.

Wouldn’t it be better if we all just paid for our own health insurance policies, and decided for ourselves (through negotiations with the insurance companies) what they should and should not coverage? The problem with health insurance in America is that we Americans aren’t really the customers for our insurance policies. For most of us, our employers buy the policies and so called the shots on what they would cover. Now the government is in charge.

Maybe we should look at a solution that puts us in charge of our policies.

Rob Port

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