Comedian Ron White Faces Charges After Violating Smoking Ban On Stage In North Dakota

If you ask me, the cigar is a necessary part of the act. Ron White isn’t Ron White without a drink and a cigar.

Comedian Ron White sold out two shows in Bismarck last week.
However, its not his jokes making news…but his onstage activity.
A Bismarck Police report states White could face charges of smoking in public places prohibited.
White’s comedy routine includes him holding a glass in one hand and a lit cigar in the other.
A Bismarck resident sent a letter to the police department informing them of the routine.
An offier dressed in street clothes documented the incidentduring White’s routine on April 30th.
The police report indicates White came on stage puffing the cigar.
Part way through the routine he relit the cigar and took a puff and did the same at the end of the show.
The charges have been sent to the City Attorney for review.

Wow. I’m sure glad my tax dollars are being spent to pay cops to protect us from dangerous on-stage smoking. Not to mention purchase a Ron White ticket for some cop to enjoy while on “official business.”
I wonder who the brown-shirting twerp was who sent the letter to the cops? And whose bright idea was it down at the Bismarck PD to actually respond to such a dumb letter?
If I were Ron White, I’d ignore the cops and any prosecutor bringing charges and just never come back to North Dakota again. Let’s see the idiots extradite him.
This is just another example of how, more and more, we aren’t a free country any more. Can you imagine this sort of foolishness happening, say, Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin thirty or forty years ago? Of course not.
Because we were a different nation back then. One not so worried on making sure our neighbors lived their lives as we think they should be living them.

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