CNN Poll: 56% Of Americans Oppose The Stimulus Bill

Outside of Obama’s failed (to this point) push for government health care, the “crown jewel” policies of his first year in office have been his “economic rescue” policies. Which themselves have been predicated upon the idea of better living through lots and lots of government spending.
In the wake of Obama’s electoral victory the liberals had the political capital to slam most of those policies through Congress, the biggest of which was the “stimulus” spending bill. But now liberals have lost the faith of the public on that spending, with a strong majority of Americans opposing it.

Washington (CNN) – A majority of Americans oppose the economic stimulus program, according to a new national poll.
Fifty-six percent of people questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Sunday say they oppose the stimulus package, with 42 percent supporting it.
Last March, just weeks after the stimulus bill was signed into law by President Barack Obama, a CNN poll indicated that 54 percent of the public supported the program, with 44 percent opposed.

Given that most of the “stimulus” bill hasn’t been spent yet, there’s still time to cancel it. And thus reduce the deficits, which is what Democrats have been promising to do.
Of course, that assumes that the Democrats are actually interested in the will of the people (and reducing deficits). Which I’m not so sure they are.

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