Clintons Compare Obama To…Ken Starr?

At this point in the race, is it really a good idea for the Clintons to be dredging up that series of nightmares?

On Sen. Barack Obama’s new pledge to run a more aggressive campaign against Sen. Hillary Clinton — asking what her national security credentials are, pushing her to release her tax returns — Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson just said on a conference call with reporters: “I for one do not find that imitating Ken Starr is a way to win a Democratic primary election for president.”

The Clintons are probably thinking that their liberal base hates Ken Starr as much as they hate, say, Karl Rove. But the truth is that liberals hated Ken Starr only insomuch as his independent counsel was inconvenient for their political star of the moment. Which was, back then, Bill Clinton.
But now the liberal base has a new star, vapid as he is, so invoking Starr only reminds Democrats of the sleazy side of Bill’s administration while foreshadowing what could come under Hillary.
Not really a good idea.

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