Charlize Theron: Stupid Actress Or Communist Apologist?

That seems like the only two options available for her after the exchange below.
I was watching a bit of CNN tonight on my computer and tuned in to a documentary being produced by Charlize Theron about rappers in Cuba called East of Havana. I tuned in not so much because I care the documentary but rather because Theron is nice to look at. What I got, though, was a rather telling look into Theron’s personal politics, not to mention one of the most hilariously stupid exchanges ever on television.
Seriously. It ends with Theron saying she wants to make out with the reporter just to change the subject (if the video isn’t working quite yet give it a moment as I just uploaded it):

How on earth to actors and actresses get this stupid? And yet, somehow she’s producing movies about Cuba’s oppressed culture.

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