Change: Obama Brings America It’s First $1 Trillion Cabinet Department Budget

The Department of Health and Human Services budget, as a part of Obama’s overall budget, hit $1 trillion this year.

That’s larger than the entire budget of the United States in 1965, and it’s also $170 billion larger than the Department of Defense.

( – The Department of Health and Human Services will become the nation’s first-ever $1-trillion-per-year U.S. Cabinet department in 2014–the first year President Barack Obama’s health care law will be fully implemented–according to the budget projections released by President Obama yesterday.

In fact, HHS already is costing American taxpayers more per year in inflation-adjusted dollars than the entire federal government cost back in 1965, the year President Lyndon Baines Johnson signed Medicare into law.

Medicare is the single most costly program in HHS.

This year, according to the Obama budget, HHS will spend $909.7 billion. That makes it the most expensive Cabinet department in the U.S. government, exceeding the Defense Department—which will spend $739.7 billion this year–by $170 billion.

Keep in mind that HHS is tasked with administering Obamacare and Medicare. In other words, the HHS is central to America’s budget problems.

Rob Port

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