Change: Food Stamp Participation Up 50% Under Barack Obama

Maybe the ought to have put this graph in Obama’s first campaign video:

As I’ve noted before, a lot of this have to do with an expansion of the SNAP (what we’ve renamed the food stamps program, it stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). The 2007 farm bill made more Americans eligible for the program, and it was supposed to focus on expanding the size of benefit each recipient has received, but that hasn’t worke dout so well either:

It’s little wonder that use of food stamps has expanded. Back in 2009 they were reporting that so many people were on food stamps that the program had lost much of its stigma, and universities around the nation have been encouraging students to get on food stamps for years saying they’re entitled to the benefits.

This sort of promotion of government dependence is unhealthy for our society. What’s more, the fact that food stamp benefits have plummted speaks to the ability of the government to care for us. Which is to say, the government does a pretty cruddy job of it.

Better that we’re all as free as possible to care for ourselves.

Rob Port

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