“Catholics for Kerry” Founder Pleads Guilty: Internet Pimp

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His attorneys tried to suppress a search warrant of his home and tried to get his indictment dismissed on a technicality. But in the end, former state director Robert E. McFadden admitted yesterday to pimping a 17-year-old prostitute on the Internet.
McFadden, the former director of Gov. Ted Strickland’s Faith-Based and Community Initiative, pleaded guilty to two felony counts after police said he put nude photographs of the girl on a Web site to promote prostitution.
McFadden, 46, of xxxx Xxxxxx xx in Dublin, pleaded guilty to two counts of compelling prostitution using his computer between September and October last year. Five other counts of pandering obscenity and promoting prostitution were dismissed.

Mr. McFadden, in addition to being Gov. Ted Strickland’s (D-OH) Faith-Based and Community Initiative director, was founder of “Catholics for Kerry” (D-MA) in 2004 and “head of the Catholic outreach of the Clinton campaign (D-NY) last year.”
Gee! I hope I didn’t “scoop” anyone who was planning on writing a convoluted, yet meaningless headline about this guy! After all, we all know that sleazeball tactics, crime and corruption are solely caused by one party in this country! /sarcasm
The Democrats in Ohio have it right!
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