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Derrick hand Scott Berreth (right) rappelled through the drilling rig structure as the crew prepared to restart machinery after some repairs had been made earlier in the morning.  ]  (JIM GEHRZ/STAR TRIBUNE) / December 17, 2013, Watford City, ND – BACKGROUND INFORMATION- PHOTOS FOR USE IN FINAL PART OF NORTH DAKOTA OIL BOOM PROJECT:  Men work around the clock at Raven Rig No. 1 near Watford City, one of nearly 200 towering oil rigs in the Bakken. Once the rigs drill holes, several miles deep and then several miles horizontally, hydraulic fracturing technology (“fracking”) is then employed to extract oil and natural gas from the underlying shale formation.

There Is No Oil Bust In North Dakota

There Is No Oil Bust In North Dakota

Over the weekend I wrote about an article in the Atlantic headlined, “A North Dakota Oil Boom Goes Bust.” It was written by former Bismarck Tribune reporter Mara Van Ells and, frankly, it doesn’t reflect reality here in North Dakota. As North Dakota-based Reuters reporter Ernest Scheyder wrote on Twitter, there is no bust and Van Ells’ reference to “Exxon


Are Some In The National Media Rooting For A North Dakota Oil Bust?

Back in 2009 Rush Limbaugh stirred controversy, as he usually does, by telling his radio audience that he hoped President Barack Obama would fail. Now, in Limbaugh’s defense, he was talking about his desire to avoid the sort of policy reforms Obama was intent on implementing. I don’t think Limbaugh was saying he wanted people


I’m Glad Gay Marriage Is Legal, But I Wish It Hadn’t Happened Through The Courts

A momentous, landmark decision from the Supreme Court today. In a 5-4 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges the Supreme Court found that state bans on gay marriage are unconstitutional, and that states must recognize marriages from other states. That’s justice, to my mind. The homosexual community has been waiting far too long for this day. I’m glad of the


The Supreme Court Ruling That Was Worse Than King Vs. Burwell

The King vs. Burwell ruling upholding subsidies in Obamacare’s federal exchanges, and thus preventing the collapse of the law its enemies were hoping for, is getting most of the attention today But I think another ruling portends far more scary things for our country. I’m not sure Burwell would have ultimately changed much for Americans as a

Fargo Forum

Forum Communications Refusing To Cover Birth Control For Employees

Apparently there is an internal food fight going on in Forum Communications Company (the organization that owns the Fargo Forum and the Grand Forks Herald and a bunch of other newspapers and television/radio stations). According to Jim Romenesko, FCC employees are using an internal company bulletin board to complain about a lack of coverage for birth control.


Here’s An Idea: Maybe We Should Stop Trying Students In Campus Kangaroo Courts

Today the State Board of Higher Education will consider new policy to comply with legislation passed earlier this year requiring that students be afforded the full participation of legal counsel in serious campus proceedings against them. The move is a grudging one, judging by the tone of this article, and indeed the universities fought long