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North Dakota Secretary Of State Approves Medical Marijuana Petition For Circulation

North Dakota Secretary Of State Approves Medical Marijuana Petition For Circulation

According to Bismarck Tribune reporter Nick Smith, Secretary of State Al Jaeger’s office has approved for circulation a petition to legalize medical marijuana. Organizers of the petition drive provided me with a copy of their proposed measure previously. You can read the finalized approved version below. #NorthDakota Secretary of State approves medical marijuana ballot measure

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Federal School Lunch Crackdown Leads To Black Market For Salt Shakers And Potato Chips

Regulations are static. Markets are dynamic. …the [Government Accountability Office] found that many students are simply bypassing the new dictums by sneaking salt and pepper shakers onto campus, even creating a clandestine market for potato chips. Technology has added pizzazz to the age-old lunch line complaints. Some students are Tweeting sad-looking lunch trays with the hashtag

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The Clean Power Plan Butcher’s Bill, And Why Environmentalists Want To Ignore It

Last week I wrote a post responding to a letter to the editor published in several of the state’s newspapers in which Dave Glatt, the head of North Dakota’s Department of Health, was lambasted for talking about the potential economic impacts of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. According to the letter writer such pragmatic

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Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Rick Becker Changes His Mind On Abortion Bill, Focuses On Fiscal Issues

Today Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem is (finally, grumble, grumble) announcing his campaign for Governor. He joins state Rep. Rick Becker, a Republican from Bismarck, in the race. Last week Becker was kind enough to give me about 45 minutes of his time to talk about his campaign, the issues he’s focusing on, his life as


North Dakota Democrats Tout Legislative Candidates Running In Strong Republican Districts

So far the about North Dakota’s 2016 election cycle, at least as far as the statewide races go, is one in which Republicans can tout strong incumbents and robust competitions between strong candidates for every office while Democrats struggle to find candidates willing to say they’re running. No doubt in an attempt to upend that narrative

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Poll: North Dakota’s Jack Dalrymple Is The 4th Most Popular Governor In America

According to a new poll, Jack Dalrymple is a popular guy in North Dakota. “A comprehensive survey of more than 75,000 voters in all 50 states, conducted over several months by Morning Consult, shows 34 of the nation’s governors have approval ratings of 50 percent or higher, and 16 governors have approval ratings over 60

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How You Can Support “Unauthorized” A Documentary About The Fighting Sioux Nickname Fight

The saga of the Fighting Sioux nickname has come to a close, for the most part, with the University of North Dakota moving on as the Fighting Hawks. So perhaps it’s time to take a look back at the story of this controversy. Bismarck-based filmmaker Matt Fern has done just that. The film is called