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Oil Tax Reform Bill Goes To Governor Jack Dalrymple

Oil Tax Reform Bill Goes To Governor Jack Dalrymple

After nearly two hours of floor debate in the House today, and about three hours of floor debate on the floor of the Senate yesterday, HB1476 will go to Governor Jack Dalrymple’s desk for a signature. Lawmakers assure me that he’ll sign it. The House debate wasn’t really all that interesting. If you listened to


House Passes Amendment Forcing “Major” Spending Measures To General Election Ballot

In 2014 one of the eight (!!!) ballot measures North Dakotans voted on was Measure 4, a constitutional amendment passed by the Legislature which did two things. First, it required that measures with a significant fiscal impact be placed on the general election ballot. Second, it prohibited constitutional amendments which would require the legislature to


On Television: Do Democrats Want To Make Policy Or Make Headlines?

Do Democrats care about making good policy, or making headlines? On my television segment last night with Chris Berg on Valley News Live (watch it here) we discussed the news I broke yesterday regarding legislative Democrats and their treatment of one of their own who broke ranks on the oil tax reform bill. Senator Connie


Score One For The University Of North Dakota Student Government

You’ve got to hand it to Tanner Franklin and the student government at the University of North Dakota. Their resolution calling for the resignation of UND President Robert Kelley and other administrators achieved its goals. Instead of Kelley and his administration steamrolling students, giving them only perfunctory involvement in processes surrounding issues like setting tuition,


What North Dakota Democrats Aren’t Telling You About Oil Tax Revenues

During the 2013 legislative session, when lawmakers were debating a proposal to eliminate triggers and exemptions in the state oil tax and replace them with a lower overall rate, Democrats rushed to the media with scary numbers about lost revenues. But it turned out the numbers they were using were cooked. No doubt hoping that


Video: House Passes Oil Tax Trigger Reform

This morning the House Finance and Taxation Committee heard testimony on HB1476, which would eliminate the looming “big trigger” oil tax exemption and replace it with a flat and permanent 4.5 percent extraction tax. The committee kicked it out with a party-line 10-4 “do pass” recommendation, and the full House got a vote on it


ND Democrats Fighting Oil Tax Reform Should Take A Lesson From Kent Conrad

In the House Finance and Taxation committee today there is heated testimony over a delayed bill to eliminate a tax exemption triggered by low oil prices which could cost the state billions of revenues in the next biennium. Currently a 100 percent exemption to the state’s 6.5 percent extraction tax is on pace to trigger