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New Sioux - Parody Apparel

Creator Of Fighting Sioux Parody Merchandise Says He Plans To Keep Selling

Creator Of Fighting Sioux Parody Merchandise Says He Plans To Keep Selling

Yesterday I wrote about a website called which was created by a University of North Dakota alumnus to sell parody merchandise parodying UND’s controersial and now retired “Fighting Sioux” logo and nickname. Today I interviewed Karl Larson, the creator of the website, on WDAY AM970’s Hot Seat program. It was an interesting discussion. The


North Dakota Based Oil Soap Opera ‘Blood & Oil’ Loses Over One Million Viewers In Its Second Week

ABC’s new drama ‘Blood  & Oil’, which is based on North Dakota’s Bakken oil boom and is supposedly set in the state despite being shot in Utah’s Rocky Mountains, got modest ratings in its debut last week. Unfortunately, the show’s ratings got even more modest in week two. In fact, Don Johnson and the rest


College Students Don’t Abide By “Yes Means Yes” Policies Because They’re Dumb

Grace Lyden has an illuminating story about campus sexual assault policies. Illuminating because, after reading what many of the students Lyden interviews have to say, it’s clear that these policies are a waste of everybody’s time. Nobody really expects that college students are going to stop at every stage of an intimate relationship and ask,


Report Of Homophobic Beating At UND Fraternity Is Starting To Sound Like Bunk

University of North Dakota leaders, and some members of the media, may have egg on their faces after a rush to judgment in an alleged beating of a homosexual man at the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity there. Because it’s sure starting to look like the alleged victim’s version of events isn’t standing up to scrutiny. Student


Former Bismarck Mayor Sends Letter To UND President Demanding “North Dakota” Be Added To Nickname Vote

The voting requirements and dates are set for the selection of a new nickname for the University of North Dakota, but a former mayor of Bismarck is saying UND President Robert Kelley still has time to make “North Dakota” an option. Kelley previously removed the “North Dakota” option, despite multiple polls showing it to be the


Obamacare Has Been Bad For North Dakotans, But Good For Insurance Company Profits

The CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota – by far the state’s largest health insurer – visited the Fargo Forum editorial board recently to explain that his company is financially strong. That people go the idea they might not be doing so well, financially, is easy to understand. Not only did the company’s


How North Dakota’s Unemployment Benefits Doubled Even As The Unemployment Rate Stayed The Same

Earlier today I wrote about a Bureau of Economic Analysis report showing that the amount of unemployment benefits paid out in North Dakota had more than doubled in the last quarter. Yet, even as that’s happening, the state hasn’t seen a spike in the unemployment rate. In fact, according to the September jobs report from


Environmentalists File Lawsuit To Block Development Of Mineral Rights On National Park Land

Once upon a time environmentalists used to try and halt progress and development by doing silly things like chaining themselves to equipment. These days they’ve become much more sophisticated in their efforts to gum up the works. Now they’re figuratively chaining themselves to things by way of endless litigation and political obstructionism. The Keystone XL pipeline,