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If We Have Too Much Oil Patch Housing Let’s Stop Subsidizing It

If We Have Too Much Oil Patch Housing Let’s Stop Subsidizing It

In Williston housing developers – people and companies who have built apartment buildings and hotels and single-family homes – have overbuilt the market. With oil prices in the tank, and workers leaving oil patch communities, they’re finding it hard to fill what they’ve built. As a short term solution, they’ve decided to kneecap the competition.

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Doug Burgum Would Definitely Run As A Republican, Not Considering A Run For Mayor

Doug Burgum showed up at Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s gubernatorial campaign announcement in Fargo today, and boy did that set gums flapping in political circles. Burgum is considering a run for governor himself, after all. What portent does his attendance at Stenehjem’s event hold? Interestingly enough, just as I was considering writing a post about this

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Democrats To Use Same Campaign Platform In 2016 They Lost On In 2012 And 2014

You’ve probably heard this one before, usually attributed erroneously to someone like Albert Einstein: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” There is truth in the statement, I think, whatever its provenance. I think it may end up applying to Democrat Sarah Vogel’s gubernatorial campaign

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What NDSU Could Learn From UND: Don’t Let A Bad President Fester

In January University of North Dakota President Robert Kelley will be stepping down, leaving behind him roughly a year on his current contract and an on-campus mess including a budget shortfall, low morale among faculty and staff, and a damaged relationship with students and alumni. Some Kelley defenders are quick to point to the “Fighting Sioux”


North Dakota Unemployment Rate Remains Low Mostly Because Unemployed Workers Are Leaving

According to a press release from North Dakota Job Service today (see below), the state’s unemployment rate in October remained at a rock-bottom low of 2.8 percent. That’s unchanged from last month and, in fact, is unchanged from October. But how can that be? After all, the plunge in oil prices and its impact on


Dickinson State University Has Concerns About UND’s New Nickname

Let’s face it. Nobody except the University of North Dakota’s most blinkered boosters, and perhaps the school’s chuckling rivals at North Dakota State, like the new “Fighting Hawks” nickname. An utterly unscientific but none the less illuminating online poll on the Grand Forks Herald website has, as of the time of publication, over 90 percent of


What’s So Bad About Considering The Economic Impact Of Regulations?

North Dakota’s mostly Republican leadership often gets accused of being too cozy with the industries it regulates. Especially the energy industry, specifically oil and coal development. I’ve always felt that the genesis for those accusations lays in a fundamental disagreement over how governments should regulate. I think some, mostly on the environmental lest, want an

Governor Jack Dalrymple talks about syrian refugees

Dalrymple On Refusing Syrian Refugees: “That Is Not Something A State Government Does”

Governor Jack Dalrymple was interviewed by Scott Hennen this morning on the What’s On Your Mind Show and, not surprisingly, Hennen asked about the situation with refugees and security. Specifically, Hennen asked whether or not Dalrymple would do what governor’s in other states have done which is say “no” to Syrian refugees in our state.


The New University Of North Dakota Nickname Is The Fighting Hawks

Well, it’s finally over. The new nickname for the University of North Dakota is the utterly prosaic Fighting Hawks. Here are the totals: Total votes: 27,378 Fighting Hawks: 15,670 votes (57.24 percent) Roughriders: 11,708 votes (42.76 percent) Remember there were roughly 82,000 people eligible to vote, so this selection represents the will of the majority