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Wayne Stenehjem’s Weak Spot: North Dakota’s Changing Economic And Budget Situation

Wayne Stenehjem’s Weak Spot: North Dakota’s Changing Economic And Budget Situation

A friend of mine who works as a pollster told me during the 2014 election cycle that he thought the Republican hold on state government would continue until the number of North Dakotans saying the state is on the “right track” falls substantially. I agreed with that. When the status quo is good, voters feel

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Heidi Heitkamp-Backed President Proposes $4.2 Billion Tax On North Dakota Oil

When video of Heidi Heitkamp calling then-candidate Obama “amazing” at the 2008 national Democrat convention showed up in the 2012 election cycle it was quickly sent down the memory hole. A member of the North Dakota Demcorats’ executive committee threatened legal action against anyone posting the video. The why of that is obvious. Barack Obama

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The Dakotas Are An Unfriendly Place For Democrats

This Roll Call piece from yesterday about South Dakota Republican Senator John Thune’s re-election bid will sound awfully familiar to Republicans in North Dakota. Thune, you might remember, made national headlines when he unseated Democrat Tom Daschle, then the Senate Minority Leader, in 2004. In 2010 he went on to re-election without facing an opponent. And,

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Burgum Says He’s Not Spending Any Time Worrying About Stenehjem’s Legislative Endorsements

Last night after posting about a Mike Nowatzki article which stated, in the headline, that gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum was “irked” by legislative endorsements for his opponent Wayne Stenehjem I got a call from Burgum who said I got it all wrong. “You were mischaracterizing my reaction to the whole thing,” he told me. I

Devils Lake Airport

How Is Subsidizing Mostly Empty Flights To Devils Lake A Good Deal For The Taxpayers?

On Sunday Grand Forks Herald reporter Kevin Bonham published an article about Essential Air Subsidies for flights to and from Devils Lake (he also wrote about Thief River Falls, but Minnesota isn’t my beat so I’ll leave them out). Bonham’s article portrays the subsidies as a success in Devils Lake. “Commercial airline passengers—counting those both arriving and


Rejected UND President Candidate Suggesting Gender Discrimination

Cynthia Lindquist, the head of Cankdeska Cikana Community College in Fort Totten, N.D., filed her application for the president position at the University of North Dakota three weeks after the initial deadline set by the search committee. Her application was then rejected, with committee members questioning whether she has the experience necessary to manage a campus


NDSU Foundation Pays Over $70k For Bresciani Expenses Including Country Club And Parties

In trying to run down who is actually paying for NDSU President Dean Bresciani’s controversial first-class ticket to India – Bresciani has said contradictory things about it, and Mike Jacobs has an excellent column in the Grand Forks Herald following up on some of my work on this issue – I requested some details about the expenses

Republican presidential candidate former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush points during a meet and greet event in Sioux City, Iowa, Monday, July 13, 2015. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Maybe Money Can’t Buy Elections

A rallying cry of the left in recent years has been the denunciation of money in politics. Particularly after the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United vs. FEC which found that political spending is 1st amendment protected free speech. The right decision, I think. Why shouldn’t we be able to spend our money promoting the ideas


Gov Race: Stenehjem Rakes It In With $239,000 In Contributions, Burgum Doesn’t Have To Report

Yesterday was the last day for statewide political campaigns to report their year-end fundraising for 2015, and there was three very different stories for the three Republican gubernatorial campaigns. Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem raked in $239,000 in contributions. State Rep. Rick Becker, on the other hand, reported only $31,120 in contributions. Which is actually roughly

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Video: Only Thing Clear About Doug Burgum’s Abortion Stance Is He Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

Over the weekend not one but two SAB readers sent me video/audio of an exchange between gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum and an attendee at the NDGOP’s District 24 convention in Valley City. I think they’re pretty interesting. The issue Burgum was being questioned about was abortion. Clearly, not an issue Burgum likes to talk about