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Fargo Forum Editorial Board Has A Truth And Accuracy Problem

Fargo Forum Editorial Board Has A Truth And Accuracy Problem

A couple of weeks ago the Fargo Forum had a typically juvenile editorial about early childhood education legislation which singled out Rep. Jim Kasper, a Fargo Republican, as the leader of the opposition to the bill. The Forum wrote that opponents of the legislation were longing “for the time when barefoot, pregnant and home-no-matter- what


North Dakota Republican Says He Was Outed As Gay By Democrats

Update:  I’ve spoken to Rep. Boehning and have more on this story here. Apparently Rep. Randy Boehning, a Republican from Fargo, is gay. I’d heard whispers about this in the past, and greeted them with ambivalence. It honestly doesn’t matter to me who a politician is involved with romantically unless it’s a) illegal or b)


Emails Indicate That Attitudes About Students At UND Haven’t Changed Much

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it again and again: For the most part North Dakota’s universities have stopped prioritizing students in the way they go about their business. At best, campus culture these days among administrators and even some faculty seems to see students as a nuisance. A necessary evil to justify


Video: North Dakota Senate Passes Oil Tax Reform Bill

It was a large video file to upload so it may be a couple of minutes before it appears After roughly three hours of debate, during which Senate Democrats worked to wring every possible drop of political theater out of the proceedings, the state Senate tonight passed an oil tax reform bill as amended in


NDSU President Dean Bresciani: State Auditors Are Too Dumb To Audit Higher Education

North Dakota lawmakers want to audit the supposedly private foundations that associate themselves with our public universities, and for good reason based on recent events. When the UND Research Foundation couldn’t make ends meet on the REAC Building they dumped it on the taxpayers last year. When the Dickinson State University Foundation, currently in receivership thanks to a


Democrats Furious When One Of Their Own Breaks Ranks On Oil Tax Reform

UPDATE: This amendment was passed by the Senate committee on a 6-1 vote. All Republicans on the committee voted yes. The two Democrats split their votes. Dating back to the 2014 campaign season when they were making political hay about “tax cuts for big oil” (they targeted Senator Lonnie Laffen in particular) North Dakota Democrats have invested themselves


North Dakota House Sends Legislator Residency Requirement Amendment To The Ballot

It was a rocky road, but it seems North Dakota voters will get a chance to cast their ballots on SCR4010 which is a constitutional amendment creating a stricter residency requirement for state lawmakers. Currently state law only requires that lawmakers live in their districts for 30 days before election day. In the past some

Heidi Heitkamp

It’s Going To Be Tough For Heidi Heitkamp To Run In 2016

Democrats have a problem with their Senators wanting to run for Governor in 2016 ahead of what looks to be a very ugly cycle for them in 2018. Senators Joe Manchin (West Virginia), Claire McCaskill (Missouri), and Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota) have all been rumored to be desirous of serving as the chief executive of


North Dakota Democrats Thought “Doomsday” Oil Tax Reform Was A Good Idea In 2011

Democrats emptied their rhetorical silos today on a proposal from Republicans to eliminate a looming oil tax trigger replacing it with a lower overall tax rate. They didn’t skimp on the hyperbole either, using words like “doomsday” and “nightmare.” But what if I told you that a 2011 bill sponsored entirely by Democrats, including House Minority


North Dakota Legislature Passes Bill Giving Students Some Due Process Rights

The last time I wrote about SB2150, a bill giving students the right to involve an attorney in some university disciplinary proceedings, the North Dakota University System was still fighting hard to water it down. They wanted remove from the bill language allowing for lawyers representing students to cross examine witnesses testifying against their clients.