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In North Dakota Republicans Govern While Democrats Complain

In North Dakota Republicans Govern While Democrats Complain

North Dakota Democrats, particularly the younger ones, seem more interested in melodrama than policy and governing. I’ve written about this often. Thoroughly marginalized, and denied the authority to make decisions in the legislature, previous generations of Democrat lawmakers sought ways to work with Republicans and influence legislation as best they could. But there’s a new


Gay Bashing Lawmaker Says Comments Were Taken Out Of Context, NDGOP Disavows

Gay-bashing Republican lawmaker Dwight Keifert (R-Valley City) is now trying to claim that his infamous Facebook post calling homosexuals “metally ill” [sic] was taken out of context: BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – A North Dakota Republican state lawmaker is defending a Facebook post in which he called the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage a

Derrick hand Scott Berreth (right) rappelled through the drilling rig structure as the crew prepared to restart machinery after some repairs had been made earlier in the morning.  ]  (JIM GEHRZ/STAR TRIBUNE) / December 17, 2013, Watford City, ND – BACKGROUND INFORMATION- PHOTOS FOR USE IN FINAL PART OF NORTH DAKOTA OIL BOOM PROJECT:  Men work around the clock at Raven Rig No. 1 near Watford City, one of nearly 200 towering oil rigs in the Bakken. Once the rigs drill holes, several miles deep and then several miles horizontally, hydraulic fracturing technology (“fracking”) is then employed to extract oil and natural gas from the underlying shale formation.

There Is No Oil Bust In North Dakota

Over the weekend I wrote about an article in the Atlantic headlined, “A North Dakota Oil Boom Goes Bust.” It was written by former Bismarck Tribune reporter Mara Van Ells and, frankly, it doesn’t reflect reality here in North Dakota. As North Dakota-based Reuters reporter Ernest Scheyder wrote on Twitter, there is no bust and Van Ells’ reference to “Exxon


Supreme Court EPA’s Decision Came After “The EPA Already Won”

The Supreme Court has told the EPA that they cannot implement regulations without considering the costs. The ruling was related to a lawsuit brought by several states (including North Dakota) over the regulation of mercury emissions. But here’s the thing: These regulations have already had an impact. Power companies have already implemented them, and we


Gay Bashing State Lawmaker Says He Hopes “People Respect Me For Who I Am”

This will probably be my last post on Rep. Dwight Kiefert’s (R-Valley City) adventures in semi-literate social media commentary, but I couldn’t help but post his response to his claim that “homisexuals” are “metally ill” being made public. The Fargo Forum has picked up on the story – days after it first appeared here on

I-DO-Marriage-Series, SAB

James Kerian: The Supreme Court Did Not Make You Free To Marry Whoever You Want

If you went by the reactions of those who approved of the Supreme Court’s ruling last Friday you could be led to the conclusion that some great liberation has occurred. You could have heard that #lovewins or that now everyone is “free to marry the person they love.” If, however, you read the decisions or