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Nearly 200 State Of North Dakota Email Accounts Found In Ashley Madison Data

Nearly 200 State Of North Dakota Email Accounts Found In Ashley Madison Data

According to an analysis of the data released in the AshleyMadison.com hack, nearly 200 State of North Dakota email accounts were registered with the service which promises users the opportunity to have an extra-marital affair. Among the accounts found were K-12 public school email accounts, North Dakota University System accounts, 3 State of North Dakota accounts,


Grand Forks Councilman Summons Theater Owners To A Meeting Over Controversial Anti-Islam Speaker

UPDATE: Per KNOX radio host Ryan Cunningham, “No one from the Empire Arts Center will attend today’s meeting.” He adds that “The EAC has invited Bret Weber to their noon meeting next Wednesday to speak his piece, and that meeting will be open to the media.” At the University of Jamestown earlier this week campus officials


Rep. Scott Louser: Give The Fighting Sioux Back To The Sioux

I have watched with great interest the scenario as it has played out with regards to the administration and nickname decision at UND.  As most know, the legislature passed a three year moratorium on a new nickname and logo, which expired January 1, 2015.  Essentially, UND has not had a nickname for three years plus


UND Student Leaders Blast President Kelley Reaction To Alleged Fraternity “Hate Crime”

A man who is not a University of North Dakota student claims to have been taunted and assaulted because of his sexual orientation at the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity near the UND campus. In response UND President Robert Kelley issued a campus wide email condemning the alleged incident, and treating it as though it were motivated by

Hoeven Wrigley

Senator John Hoeven: Affair Scandal Doesn’t Disqualify Wrigley From Governor Race

Senator John Hoeven appeared on AM1100 WZFG with Steve Hallstrom this morning and was asked about the scandal around Drew Wrigley’s affair, the news of which broke here on SAB yesterday. Hoeven said that he doesn’t believe the scandal should stop Wrigley from running for governor. In related news, the children in charge of the


Hockey Team Warns UND Over Using “Roughriders” Nickname

UPDATE: This post originally referred to the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders as a professional team. It’s not, the USHL is an amateur league. If you thought the dumpster fire that is President Robert Kelley’s nickname transition process at the University of North Dakota couldn’t possibly get any more convoluted and inane, think again. It seems there