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Video: Chancellor Won’t Say If He’d Renew NDSU President Dean Bresciani’s Contract

Video: Chancellor Won’t Say If He’d Renew NDSU President Dean Bresciani’s Contract

Last night North Dakota University System Chancellor Mark Hagerott appeared on Chris Berg’s show on Valley News Live, and as is often the case when it comes to public officials and touchy situations what he didn’t say spoke volumes. And what Hagerott didn’t say is that he’d renew North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani’s contract.

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Doug Burgum’s Weak Spot: Subsidies For A Rich, Rich Man

“So two of Fargo’s richest citizens, Doug Burgum and Ron Offutt, want to build a large multi-use building in Fargo,” Hank Prellin writes in a letter to the editor in the Fargo Forum. “Interestingly, they want the taxpayers to provide them subsidy via tax incentives.” Mr. Prellin doesn’t mention North Dakota’s hotly-contested gubernatorial race – the


Doug Burgum: Fed Data Shows North Dakota As One Of The Worst-Performing States

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia for decades has tracked the economic performance of each state in the U.S. The measurements used are dispassionate economic statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and other sources. Based on the Fed’s recent December 2015 report, 41 states have growing economies, two states

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Another Potential Statewide Democrat Candidate Declines To Run

Well, more specifically, he’s declining to run for statewide office. Previously state Rep. Corey Mock, known for his twee hipster aesthetic and not living in his current legislative district, had flirted with potentially running for Auditor. Mock has made a lot of noise about ethics during his time in the Legislature, and some saw the Auditor


Campus Cops Misled Lawmakers On Cases Dismissed Over Jurisdictional Issues

In a ruling last year the North Dakota Supreme Court found that campus police departments had been breaking the law by patrolling off-campus. Now law enforcement is taking the issue to the Legislature, demanding that lawmakers overturn the Supreme Court and give campus cops permission to patrol off campus. To make the case, University of

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Federal Reserve: North Dakota Leads The Nation In Shrinking Economy

Over the weekend I wrote about what I feel is NDGOP gubernatorial candidate Wayne Stenehjem’s weak spot, which is a changing perception among voters of North Dakota’s economic success. In the past Republicans like Stenehjem have been able to lean heavily on the state’s strong economic performance to bolster their campaigns. But if a drip-drip-drip


Heidi Heitkamp’s Favorite Candidate Would Block Oil, Coal Development On Federal Lands

UPDATE: It appears as though Heidi Heitkamp’s political action committee has donated $5,000 to Clinton’s campaign. The key to Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s political success in North Dakota is her posturing as a moderate. And the policy area where she does the most posturing is on the topic of energy. And yet, the presidential candidates she supports

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North Dakota Sheriff’s Group Backs Marsy’s Law Measure

Last week I noted that, in an ugly development for supporters of the Marsy’s Law ballot measure, North Dakota’s criminal defense lawyers came out against it and the state’s prosecutors seem poised to. But the group does have a compelling endorsement of its own. The North Dakota Sheriff’s & Deputies Association passed a resolution back