Canadian Politically Correct Child Services Take Children From a Home…..

…..Because the seven year old girl went to school with a swastica on her arm.
Apparently the parents are White Supremicists. Okay….I find that ideology disgusting – along with Black Supremicists, Muslim extremists and so on. BUT – nobody is taking the children away from families in those groups just because of their political ideology.
Watch this video of Ezra Levant taking on a liberal lawyer over the issue. The lawyer’s take on it is that a swastica is a symbol of hate and the child should have been removed from the family because she was allowed to draw one on her body. Levant’s take on it is much the same as mine.
My question is this: If you start there, as repugnant as the swastica is, where do you stop? If your child wears a crucifix to school is there a danger of that knock on your door from CPS? How about a Star of David?
Far fetched?
Just take a look at the recent CPS debacle in Texas and then decide whether it’s far fetched or not. Political correctness is fast spinning out of control.
Thanks to Moonbattery for this one.

Curmudgeonly sesquipedalian.

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