California Lt. Governor: Bush Should Bring Troops Home From Iraq To Fight Wild Fires

This is how the media reported the President’s handling of Hurricane Katrina, and the left ate it up:

President Bush has shown that he can be empathetic, sensitive and decisive. But those qualities eluded him for days after Hurricane Katrina . . . He didn’t cancel his vacation until two days after Katrina struck and didn’t visit the region until four days after the storm. — “A compassionate Bush was absent right after Katrina

This is how the media/left treats President Bush’s decision to visit the wildfire-stricken areas of southern California (John Garamendi is California’s Lt. Governor):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Is the federal government doing what it has to do here?
JOHN GARAMENDI: Well, they’re doing a lot and we appreciate what they have done thus far. Resources are coming in. The U.S. Forest Service, 70 units from Arizona and Nevada and all that’s good. I got some doubt about the value of President Bush coming out here . . .
MATTHEWS: Do you think it’s public relations rather than action?
GARAMENDI: Of course it’s public relations. The action’s taking place by the hard-working firefighters, the men and women and the police that are out there on the line and the community that’s pulling together to support each other, that’s where the action is taking place. I know — okay, President Bush comes out, we’ll be polite. But frankly, that’s not the solution. How about sending our National Guard back from Iraq? So that we have those people available here to help us?

Garamendi gets bonus points for working Iraq in.
Exit question: Did the Lt. Gov. of California just demand (indirectly) that Bush fight the fires himself?

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