British Preacher Arrested For Suggesting That Homosexuality Is A Sin

Priest giving sermon in church

A Baptist preacher in Great Britain was preaching on a public speech. Part of the sermon he was delivering was about his belief that homosexuality is a sin, a belief he was illustrating with quotes from the bible.

A law enforcement officer near by (who happened to be gay) overheard the sermon and arrested the preacher for a violation of the nation’s Public Order Act which makes it a crime to use “abusive or insulting” language.

This is a scary, scary situation. Not just for Britons, who apparently must now worry from day to day about saying things that might be considered insulting by the wrong person and land them in prison, but also for any country that has gone down the road of passing so-called “hate crimes” legislation.

Because a “hate crime” is a thought crime.

Now, I don’t believe in bigotry. Even in the case of this preacher, I disagree with him about homosexuals. I don’t think there’s anything wrong or immoral about being a homosexual. But that being said, I think that if people of a certain religion want to believe that homosexual lifestyles are immoral that’s their right in a free society. And (not to compare those with religious beliefs to bigots) I also believe that racists should be free to be racist. Bigots should be fee to be bigots.

I don’t condone those things, but freedom means freedom. Even for things we might individually find offensive.

Rob Port

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