Breaking News: President Obama Quits Smoking

And the obvious question is…now what is he going to blow up our asses?

First lady Michelle Obama told a roundtable of print reporters today that she considers her husband a former smoker because he formally has quit smoking.

Asked by reporters whether she could say whether the president has finally quit smoking Mrs. Obama said, “Yes, he has” and that “it’s been almost a year.” Mrs. Obama said today, according to the AP, and that said she didn’t know exactly when he quit “because he never smoked a lot,” and that she’d never see him smoke.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs last said in December that he hadn’t seen the president smoke in nearly 9 months. But Gibbs then was cautious in declaring formally that the president has all-out quit. Asked then if by not smoking for 9 months, that means that his boss has formally quit then, Gibbs hesitated, “For that nine months, yes. I mean, I don’t — I’m trying not — I don’t want to be flip. I mean, I don’t — I think the President would be the first one to tell you that it’s a struggle.”

If he really did quit nine months ago – and I’m not sure I believe it – it may have been in self defense. After all, between the cigarettes and the heart-attack-inducing White House Super Bowl menu it’s becoming awfully hard, politically, for Michelle Obama to keep up her food police campaign.

Rob Port

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