Black Panther Group Says They May “Protect” Polling Places Again This Cycle


Why not? The Obama administration let them get away with it last time.

Because standing outside of a polling place with a billy club is ok, but asking voters to verify their identity with a photo ID is a racist affront to voter rights or something.

During an interview on WABC Radio’s “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” Shabaz was asked whether his group is planning to go to U.S. polling stations in the upcoming presidential election.

Shabazz replied: “I will say that as this election comes up in November, we will consider our options. And we will consider the fact whether we will legally and lawfully go to the polls again to make sure there is no intimidation against our people, which was our intent in 2008.”

They want to protect their people from intimidation. But who is going to protect us from their intimidation?

Rob Port

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