Bette Grande, Rick Berg Release Web Videos UPDATE: Duane Sand Too

A couple of interesting videos from North Dakota candidates. First up, US Senate candidate Rick Berg who released this video with his mom:

I like the video, especially the “there’s no free lunch” comment. That’s good, populist conservatism. Everything costs somebody something. But one thing that always strikes me about Berg is how stiff he is. Even goofing with his mom in this video comes off a little…forced.

Berg is a hard-driving campaigner, and very well-informed on policy, but a smooth communicator he is not.

State Rep. Bette Grande, who is running for the US House, also released this longer video (which her campaign has told me was sent out to delegates) introducing her as a candidate:

Grande definitely needs this sort of an effort if she is to shoulder in with front-runners Kevin Cramer (well-known after winning two statewide elections to the PSC by wide margins) and Shane Goettle (a well-funded political insider), but for my taste she dwells on religion and the pro-life issue a bit too long. I am, admittedly, not a religious person, but the upcoming election cycle is going to be dominated by fiscal issues, and I think Rep. Grande would get more traction out of focusing her efforts there.

I am pro-life, and I appreciate Rep. Grande’s pro-life record, but she also has a very good record on pension reforms and other fiscal matters that I wish she’d spend more time talking about.

Update: I forgot to mention that Duane Sand has his first ad out as well:

I’m with Sand on building the Keystone XL pipeline, but then so is the guy Sand is challenging for the Senate nomination. This isn’t an area of policy on which Berg and Sand disagree. If Sand wants to win the nomination, he needs to tell voters how he’s different than Rick Berg, not how he’s the same.

Rob Port

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