Berg Gets 73% Of Contributions From North Dakota, Duane Sand Almost Has More Campaign Debt Than Cash has a run-down of campaign fundraising in North Dakota’s Senate race through the 3rd quarter. It’s all Republicans (until today there weren’t any Democrats in the Senate race) including Rep. Rick Berg, who is hoping to move from the House to the Senate this election cycle, and perennial federal candidate Duane Sand.

Berg’s fundraising has been robust and, surprisingly given that his predecessor in the House Earl Pomeroy routinely got over 90% of his contributions from out of state, mostly from North Dakotans.

FARGO, ND – Republican Rep. Rick Berg, who is running for North Dakota’s open Senate Seat in 2012, finished the third quarter with over $1.01 million raised so far in the cycle according to reports filed with the FEC. In the third quarter specifically Berg raised $658,238 with almost 78% of those contributions coming from individual contributors. The remaining contributions came from political action committees, or PACs.

For the entire 2012 election cycle, Berg has raised $809,950.35 from individuals and $201,500 from PACs.

Most of the individual contributions are originating in North Dakota. According to an analysis done by transparency website, 73% of Berg’s individual contributions over $200 have come from North Dakotans with 27% coming from out of state.

Duane Sand, on the other hand, almost has more campaign debt than cash on hand and has gotten 97% of his contributions from outside North Dakota:

…Duane Sand, has raised $243,608 in the 2012 cycle with $111,956 coming in the 3rd quarter all from individuals. Through the 3rd quarter, Sand has taken only $2,000 from PACs in the 2012 election cycle.

A analysis of Sand’s fundraising shows 93% of individual contributions over $200 coming from outside of North Dakotans, with just 3% coming from North Dakotans.

Sand ended the 3rd quarter with $63,757.17 in cash on hand, and $63,627.03 in debt.

In other words, there doesn’t seem to be any enthusiasm in North Dakota for Sand’s campaign, and when you calculate in debt his campaign really has no money.


Rob Port

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