Berg Calls On Heitkamp To Take Down Inaccurate Ad


Rep. Rick Berg today at a press conference called on his opponent, liberal Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp, to take down a radio ad which inaccurately suggests that he’s involved with managing Goldmark Property Management.

As I wrote yesterday, Berg is a part of a company called Goldmark Commercial Real Estate. Goldmark Property Management is a completely separate entity. Some have argued to me that one is the spin-off of another. That’s not the point. The point is that Berg has nothing to do with the management of the company Heitkamp is attacking.

The left has tried to make Goldmark an issue before. The Fargo/Moorhead iteration of the Occupy Wall Street movement attempted a protest at Goldmark Property Management (they also inaccurately tied Berg to the company) earlier this year, but it fizzled when nobody showed up.

This may turn into a real headache for Heitkamp. Such a negative and ugly attack on Berg is, first of all, an indication that all may not be going as well for Heitkamp as her campaign has outwardly indicated. Also, the fact that the ad is blatantly inaccurate is also problematic and, what’s more, while Heitkamp has done everything she can to distance herself from her party which is often seen as hostile to business this ad takes a different tact by singing out a privately-owned business and trashing their record for political gain.

And, again, it wasn’t even the right company.

This was a mistake for Heitkamp.

Update: The Berg campaign just released this timeline in a press release:

Rick Berg does not own GOLDMARK Property Management, Inc. nor has he ever had a management, shareholding, invested interest or even employment with GOLDMARK Property Management, Inc.

Rick Berg was an original incorporator of Midwest Management Company, which started operations in 1982 and was incorporated in 1983.

In 1987, Rick Berg ended his relationship with Midwest Management Company to begin independent work in commercial real estate.

In 1994, Midwest Management Company changed its name to GOLDMARK Property Management, Inc., seven years after Rick Berg ended his relationship with the company.

In 1996, Rick Berg was an original incorporator and founder of GOLDMARK Commercial Corporation.

In 2005, GOLDMARK Commercial Corporation changed its name to GOLDMARK SCHLOSSMAN Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. (GSC). GSC does not rent residential apartments, it does not work with residential residents, nor does it have any ownership interests, fiduciary responsibilities, or legal affiliation with GOLDMARK Property Management, Inc.

In 2011, Rick Berg ended his ownership and management involvement with GOLDMARK SCHLOSSMAN Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. to focus on his legislative duties.

There is not currently, nor has there ever been, a holding company relationship or “parent/child” relationship between GOLDMARK Property Management, Inc. and GOLDMARK SCHLOSSMAN Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. These are completely separate entities with separate tax ID numbers and there exists no subsidiary relationship.

Rob Port

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