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Scott Hennen: North Dakota’s Universities Are At A Dangerous Crossroads

Scott Hennen: North Dakota’s Universities Are At A Dangerous Crossroads

North Dakota is on an incredible run. Even when our boom times take a breather, we’re still crushing it compared to most places We’re the envy of America. With one exception: Higher-Education. It’s in dire need of reform. Political correctness and an academic tyranny could soon destroy the North Dakota University system. The examples are


Hennen’s Notebook: Planned Parenthood, March For Life And Guns In Church

I wonder if Representative Kathy Hawken (RINO – Fargo) remembers what happened to Senator Curtis Olafson? Given her cheer leading this week for the two NDSU professors who were part of dissing legislators by doing an end-around the law on sex-education curriculum in North Dakota, she could face the same fate at election time. She

New Chancellor

Hennen’s Notebook: Higher Ed, Planned Parenthood And Water Wars

I interviewed NDSU President Dean Bresciani, UND President Robert Kelley and NDUS Chancellor Ham Shirvani this week. My top takeaway is amazement at the near “kumbya” they are all singing on budget issues. Governor Dalrymple has proposed a budget very near what the universities sought. What a difference 2 years makes, and a boatload of


Hennen Column: Notebook From A Busy Week

It’s been a long and productive week. My notebook is chock full of tidbits. Since I’m sleep deprived and unable to decide which one is worthy of a column, I have a better idea. I am introducing a new Common Sense Club notebook. – Monday was the day legislators rolled into Bismarck to begin the


Hennen Column: North Dakotans Are Starved For News

I have been spending more time than usual these days in the Capitol City of Bismarck, North Dakota preparing for the launch of an all-new news interview program, called “The Legislature Today.” Hosted by veteran newsman Dale Wetzel it debuts this Monday evening at 7pm on KFYR 550AM, from 8 to 10pm on AM1100 “The


Hennen Column: My New Year’s Resolution Is To Forget Barack Obama

Any listener to my radio show over the last 5 years would have little trouble recognizing that I really don’t think much of President Barack Obama policies. So it may surprise some that I’m pledging to pretty much ignore him in the future. In fact, I’m planning to write and sign a pledge and then


Hennen Column: North Dakota Is Blessed This Christmas

Every Christmas season is a reason to celebrate the most important birth in the history of civilization. However, 2012 might just be the best year we have seen in North Dakota since before Christ! The North Dakota miracle lays in momentous prosperity driven by a trio of areas: the energy, agriculture and health care sectors.

APTOPIX Connecticut School Shooting

Hennen Column: Why Do School Shootings Happen?

Like many parents across America today, I could not resist the urge to hug my kids a bit longer after hearing the news of yet another school shooting. The unspeakable horror of a Christmastime massacre at a small town elementary school is provoking anger everywhere. And it should. It’s also prompted the predictable political agenda


Hennen Column: A Tale Of Two States

In 2010 when Republican’s won control of the Minnesota House & Senate, they had a mess on their hands. A $6 Billion deficit. Reserve and cash flow accounts were drained. Despite the election of Mark Dayton, a liberal Democratic Governor, the majority performed well. Yet, like so many other election 2012 mysteries, a majority of