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SAB@10: “Bold, Unafraid, Unwavering News And Analysis”

SAB@10: “Bold, Unafraid, Unwavering News And Analysis”

Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary of Say Anything Blog!  North Dakotan’s are lucky to have your bold, unafraid, unwavering news and analysis.  It’s has been a joy to watch the new media impact the political landscape.  Like talk-radio’s launch in the 90’s, the blogosphere has contributed mightily and SAB has been in a class of


Guest Post: Heidi Heitkamp Is Insulting The Intelligence Of North Dakotans

Is Heidi Heitkamp lying? Is the Democratic party so dead in ND that she needs to run from associating herself from it? Or does she think we are so dumb that she can get by with spewing some of the most disingenuous rhetoric in ND political history? I just brought in the Saturday mail.  In