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‘I Was Unfaithful:’ Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley Acknowledges Extra-Marital Affair, Says He’s Still Deciding On 2016 Campaign

‘I Was Unfaithful:’ Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley Acknowledges Extra-Marital Affair, Says He’s Still Deciding On 2016 Campaign

Tonight I can report that Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley, a Republican who is among those considering a 2016 run for Governor, has acknowledged having an extra-marital affair with a Bismarck woman. “Many months ago I went to Kathleen and confessed that I was unfaithful,” Wrigley told me this afternoon in a phone interview, referring to


Audio: Chancellor Mark Hagerott Talks About Restoring Trust In The ND University System

Today while hosting the Hot Seat program on WDAY I interviewed North Dakota University System Chancellor Mark Hagerott. Just the fact that Hagerott would agree to an interview with me is something of a sea change for the university system. Their typical position is to treat me, outside of their legally required responses to open


UND President Robert Kelley Is Not An Honest Person

Today the Grand Forks Herald editorial board, which never fails to treat UND President Robert Kelley with kid gloves even when he richly deserves a rhetorical whack upside the head, calls for acceptance of the decision to keep the “North Dakota” nickname option of the list of options for voting later this year. “In his view,


“Neanderthal” North Dakota Has Better Air Quality Than Minnesota

Over the weekend Governor Mark Dayton took a shot at North Dakota’s political leadership, calling our state’s approach to climate change policy “neanderthal.” “These other states like North Dakota … just have their heads in the sand and want to profit and then pollute our air accordingly,” Dayton said during an interview with Minnesota Public


Irony: North Dakota University Home To Free Speech Legislation Moves Homosexuality Event Off Campus

Here’s some irony. During the legislative session earlier this year students and faculty from the private University of Jamestown successfully pushed for a bill that creates more free speech protections for campus journalists. Steve Listopad, one of the organizers of that effort who now works at Valley City State University, has even been awarded the Hugh Hefner


Audio: Board Of Higher Education President Wants To Review UND Decision To Exclude “North Dakota” Nickname Choice

This morning news broke here on SAB regarding the voting process for establishing a new nickname for the University of North Dakota, and the big news out of that announcement is that UND President Robert Kelley decided to exclude the “North Dakota” or no nickname option from the vote. Shortly after I broke the news,


North Dakota Law Enforcement Being Disingenuous About Potential For Armed Drones

Earlier this week an article by Justin Glawe, a former Grand Forks Herald reporter who now writes for many different national outlets, raised some eyebrows. Glawe’s study detailed some carefully changed wording in legislation passed earlier this year which allows law enforcement in North Dakota to put non-lethal weapons on drones. That story has been met