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U.S. Open Protest

Environmentalists Protesting Oil Trains Should Answer Questions About Alternatives

Environmentalists Protesting Oil Trains Should Answer Questions About Alternatives

Environmental activists are planning a week of protests against oil by rail shipments in remembrance of the Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, derailment and explosion which killed 47 people. That train was hauling oil from North Dakota’s oil fields. In fact, most of the oil produced in North Dakota is shipped by rail these days thanks to a lack of


When Big Government Begets Big Business

The left claims that they dislike “big business.” It comes through in their rhetoric. They’re always railing against big, giant corporations while posturing themselves as the champions of small business. What’s ironic about this is that the big government policies the left supports very often necessitate big business. After all, who else but big corporations


Wildfires And Not Coal And Oil Development Prompt EPA To Issue An Air Quality Warning

Most of North Dakota has been living with hazy, smokey air now for over a week. The cause is wildfires in Canada, and the situation has gotten to the point where the EPA has issued an air quality warning for the state. “The EPA’s ‘’ website placed portions of Burke, Ward, Bottineau, and Mountrail Counties

6-30 Point of View - July 2 - Part 1 - YouTube

On Television: Gay Marriage, Polygamy, And The Confederate Flag

I was happy to be a part of Chris Berg’s weekly roundtable discussion on 6:30 Point of View this evening and, much as we have all week, we’ve discussed gay marriage and the confederate flag issue. The other panelists were Scott Hennen and former state lawmaker Bette Grande. Our most heated discussion, without a doubt,

Flames are seen on a CSX train following the derailment of a tank car carrying a Òhighly flammable and toxicÓ gas Thursday, July 2, 2015, in Maryville. The single tank car loaded with acrylonitrile, a hazardous material used in a variety of industrial processes including the manufacture of plastics, forced an evacuation of residences and businesses in a two-mile radius. (MICHAEL PATRICK/NEWS SENTINEL)

Train Derailment Forces Evacuation In Tennessee But No Big Deal Because It Wasn’t Oil

Anti-oil activists have been making a stink about rail safety of late, blustering about “bomb trains” and other hyperboles. And while the safe transport of oil is certainly a worthy topic of discussion, one gets the idea that these train derailments are less about public safety than about hamstringing oil. With the anti-oil activists successfully


In North Dakota Republicans Govern While Democrats Complain

North Dakota Democrats, particularly the younger ones, seem more interested in melodrama than policy and governing. I’ve written about this often. Thoroughly marginalized, and denied the authority to make decisions in the legislature, previous generations of Democrat lawmakers sought ways to work with Republicans and influence legislation as best they could. But there’s a new


Gay Bashing Lawmaker Says Comments Were Taken Out Of Context, NDGOP Disavows

Gay-bashing Republican lawmaker Dwight Keifert (R-Valley City) is now trying to claim that his infamous Facebook post calling homosexuals “metally ill” [sic] was taken out of context: BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – A North Dakota Republican state lawmaker is defending a Facebook post in which he called the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage a