Associated Press: Palin’s Kids Are Valid Targets Because They’re In Photo-Ops

Now this is some twisted logic.

ST. PAUL, Minn. – People: Make up your minds.
For two days, the chorus from Republicans on TV news and in the halls of the convention has been resounding: Back off and let the Palin family be. “That’s out of bounds,” said Minnesota’s Republican governor, Tim Pawlenty. “There’s no need to be intrusive and pry into that.”
Yet Wednesday found the following scenes unfolding:
_Sarah Palin’s pregnant, unmarried 17-year-old daughter and probable future son-in-law stood in a nationally televised, politically packaged airport receiving line to meet and greet the Republican candidate for president.
_The extremely cute and bubbly Piper Palin, 7, made her debut on her mother’s behalf, appearing in a video on John McCain’s daughter’s blog. “Vote for my mommy and John McCain,” she said, giggling as Meghan McCain grinned.
_Bristol Palin and her 18-year-old boyfriend, Levi Johnston, were expected to appear together as part of the GOP political narrative at the convention Wednesday night, according to the young man’s mother.
Huh? The Republican message about the Palin offspring comes across as contradictory: Hey, media, leave those kids alone — so we can use them as we see fit.

Don’t pretty much all candidates have their kids in photo ops? On stage during major speeches? I seem to remember the Clintons would have Chelsea up on stage for some speeches. The Obamas put their kids on Access Hollywood for an interview, and I saw them on stage with their mother at the Democrat convention.
Since Obama has used his kids as part of his campaign, we can ask him when he’s going to let them be sexually active right? That’s an appropriate campaign question, right?
And maybe we can demand a paternity test too to make sure they’re his. After all, he’s used them as campaign props, so it’s open season right?

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