As Obama’s VP Decision Draws Near Democrats Make It Clear That They Want Hillary

A strong plurality of Democrats say they want Hillary to be Obama’s VP.

(CBS) Senator Hillary Clinton is by far the favorite choice for the number two spot on the Democratic ticket, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll of delegates to the Democratic convention. When asked who they would like Barack Obama to select, 28 percent volunteer her as their top choice for Vice Presidential nominee.
Six percent volunteer Delaware Senator Joe Biden, and four percent mention two other unsuccessful Democratic candidates: New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and former North Carolina Senator John Edwards. [Most of the interviews for this poll were conducted before Edwards admitted to having an extramarital affair.] Another 4 percent volunteer Indiana Senator Evan Bayh.

Obama won’t pick Hillary as his VP (can you imagine living your life as the only thing between Hillary and the oval office?), but that puts Obama in a pretty tough spot. By choosing someone else Obama removes the last chance of reconciliation with the Clintons and Hillary’s supporters are free to support McCain this year. Or stay home and pout.
Either way, I expect Obama’s numbers to take a serious dip once he puts to an end any chance of Hillary being on the ballot in any role this November.

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