Apple’s Steve Jobs: Education Won’t Improve Until Bad Teachers Can Be Fired

Like a breath of fresh air…

Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs lambasted teacher unions today, claiming no amount of technology in the classroom would improve public schools until principals could fire bad teachers.
Jobs compared schools to businesses with principals serving as CEOs.
“What kind of person could you get to run a small business if you told them that when they came in they couldn’t get rid of people that they thought weren’t any good?” he asked to loud applause during an education reform conference.
“Not really great ones because if you’re really smart you go, ‘I can’t win.'”
[…] “This unionization and lifetime employment of K-12 teachers is off-the-charts crazy.”

Indeed it is.
Unfortunately for the children and parents of this country, are public education system is entirely beholden to teacher’s unions who put lining their own pockets above educating our children.

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