Appeal Of Richard Allen Davis, Kidnapper And Murderer Of Polly Klaas, Is Denied

It’s taken a while but Richard Allen Davis, vermin, will die. I hope.
In case you don’t remember just who this animal is, let me help you. In 1993 he kidnapped 12 year old Polly Klaas from a slumber party, took her out into the country, sexually molested her, then strangled her and left her for dead. After he was arrested he refused to cooperate with investigators and by the time he made a deal with the hope of saving his mangy carcass from the death penalty, she had laid there and died.
Davis, ever a piece of work, laughed at Polly’s father in open court and shot the bird with both middle fingers to the jury when they found him guilty. His lawyer appealed his conviction because an investigator spoke to him and asked him where to find Polly after he had “lawyered up”. The California Supreme Court was apparently unimpressed with that argument and has denied the appeal.
His lawyer isn’t satisfied and made this statement:

Davis’ lawyer, Phillip Cherney, said he will appeal in federal court.
“The rule of law that protects us all from overzealous law enforcement agents has taken a severe hit by this decision,” Cherney said. “The poor and the despised are entitled to the rights against self-incrimination and to the assistance of counsel, and a fair trial before an unbiased jury, as we all are, and Mr. Davis was denied those rights.”

The emphasis on the part of his statement in which he cries out for protection of the “poor and despised” is mine. Note that he doesn’t mention justice for a twleve year old little girl who spent the last horrifying hours of her life in the hands of a real life monster.
Poor and despised? Richard Allen Davis is despised all right, and although I realize that his lawyer has a job to do, I’m finding it difficult to find any other word that fits how I feel about a man who can make such a statement about an animal like Davis.
I hope no higher court hears that appeal, and that Richard Allen Davis finds that special place in hell that I’m sure awaits him.

I'm a Grand Forks native and alumni of North Dakota. I want to be Rob Port when I grow up.

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