Another TSA Employee Caught Stealing From Luggage

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These stories are becoming fairly common:

A Transportation Security Administration baggage inspector at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport has been indicted in the theft of Apple iPads from luggage over eight months.

Clayton Keith Dovel, 36, of Bedford was arrested Feb. 1 and has been suspended indefinitely, officials said.

The investigation led to the recovery of eight stolen iPads, including one that was among Dovel’s possessions at Terminal E when he was arrested, airport police said.

His attorney, Greg Westfall, declined to comment.

When the government treats the privacy of airline passengers and their luggage with such indifference, is it really hard to imagine that the agents of the government would also disrespect the property of the passengers?

This is a trend we need to reverse.

Thieves are thieves, and they’re not unique to the government workforce, but there would be less opportunity to steal if the sanctity of our person’s and effects were given the respect the Constitution requires.

Rob Port

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