Americans Rate Public Schools The Worst In Gallup Poll


Private schools, parochial schools, church-affiliated schools, charter schools and home-schooling all got better marks from poll respondents than public schools.

Should we be surprised?

( – A new Gallup poll released today indicates that Americans rate public schools the worst place to educate children.

In the national survey conducted Aug. 9-12, private independent schools, parochial and church-related schools, charter schools and home-schooling all rated higher than public schools.

Gallup interviewers asked respondents: “I’m going to read a list of ways in which children are educated in the U.S. today. As I read each one, please indicate–based on what you know or have read and heard–how good an education each provides children–excellent, good, only fair, or poor. How about: public schools, parochial or church-related schools, independent private schools, charter schools, or home-schooling?”

Only 5 percent said they believe public schools give children an excellent eduction.

Another 32 percent said they believe public schools give children a good education. But this combined 37 percent who said public schools give children an excellent or good education was the lowest among the different types of schools Gallup included in its survey.

The thing is, despite these poll results, most Americans send their children to public schools.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had some sort of public policy that allowed Americans to take their share of public education dollars and take them to a school of their choice? Of course, our friends on the left think that sort of choice is dangerous, because you people might not make the right decisions. And, oh yeah, it would be pretty devastating for teachers unions which have a strangle hold on public education.

Rob Port

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