America Has Some Strange Double Standards For Feminism

The latest outrageously outrageous outrage in the 2012 presidential race is a Rick Santorum supporter and surrogate saying, on MSNBC, that in his day women “used Bayer aspirin for contraceptions. The gals put it between their knees, and it wasn’t that costly,” implying that women avoided pregnancy through abstinence.

See the video here.

It wasn’t a very politically correct way to put it(I think it’s unfair to hold that women only bear the responsibility for keeping it in their pants), but I’m not sure it warrants the outrage it has inspired among the left, particularly feminists. After all, abstinence is a sure-fire contraceptive.

But what’s interesting is that contemporaneous to this political scandal is a scandal in the entertainment industry. At the Grammy Awards last week, highly watched due to the high-profile passing of star Whitney Houston, singer Chris Brown not only won an award but enjoyed plenty of applause from the audience both for his award and his performance at the event.

This would be the same Chris Brown who, in 2009, plead guilty to doing this to his girlfriend, fellow pop star Rhianna:

Just so we’re clear, a man who praises abstinence (albeit in a not-so-politically correct way) and the candidate he supports for President are cast as dangerous extremists while a man who plead guilty to beating the tar out of his girlfriend wins awards and gets applause in the entertainment industry.

Aren’t double standards great?

Rob Port

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