After Tripling The Deficit, Obama To Try And Create Jobs With More Government Spending

December’s job numbers should be sobering for the Obama administration. After of massive spending programs aimed at “stimulating” our economy back to prosperity the results are in, and those stimulus efforts have failed just as Obama’s critics said they would.
Now Obama, sensing rightly that out-of-control deficits and spending are fast becoming his biggest political problem, is trying to highlight deficit reduction in the coming year. Yet, oddly enough, that hasn’t pushed him away from trying to create jobs and prosperity and our economy through government spending.

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama plans to announce more government spending to create tens of thousands of green jobs as the nation is weighed down by an unemployment rate stuck at 10 percent. …
Obama plans to talk Friday about the steps he’s taking to combat unemployment. The government says 85,000 jobs were shed in December.

Allegedly this new spending is part of the $787 billion “stimulus” spending spree, but given the Obama administration’s propensity for creative accounting I wouldn’t count on that.
Regardless, the point here is that better living through government spending has failed as policy. It’s apparent to any objective observer. So rather than spending this money on more failed policies, why not cut spending and focus on reducing our national debt and thus the burden it represents to our economy in the future?
Unfortunately, that runs contrary to the bedrock foundation upon which Obama’s politics are founded. Namely, the idea that

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