Adultery Scandals Providing Convenient Distractions From Obama’s Headaches


Adultery is in the news of late, thanks to CIA Director David Patraeus and now, apparently, Afghanistan commander General John Allen. That has been convenient for the Obama administration. Were it not for this burgeoning sex scandal, the post-election news cycles would have been dominated by the on-going revelations of the Benghazi debacle.

Now the heat is off Obama and on Petraeus, whose indiscretions were apparently known by federal authorities for months but weren’t made public until just recently.

Today, too, news is breaking of another sex scandal that will likely take the focus off another Obama administration headache. The COO of Lockheed Martin, a man who was in line to be CEO, is stepping down after a long-time relationship with a female subordinate was revealed.

BETHESDA, Md. (AP) — Lockheed Martin Corp. has ousted its president and future CEO over a relationship with a subordinate.

The defense company said Friday that its board of directors asked for and received the resignation of Christopher Kubasik from his role as vice chairman, president and chief operating officer.

Kubasik, 51, was scheduled to become CEO in January.

Lockheed Martin says an ethics investigation confirmed that he had a close personal relationship with a subordinate employee. That violates the company’s code of ethics and business conduct.

Political observers will remember that Lockheed Martin angered the Obama administration with plans to announce big layoffs just before the election. Eventually the company agreed, in a deal with the White House, to postpone the layoff announcements.

I don’t like to be a conspiracy monger, but this all seems a little pat to me.

Rob Port

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