Another Ad Attacking Rick Berg Pulled From Television Stations Due To Inaccuracies


For the second time an ad attacking Rick Berg – this one sponsored by Harry Reid’s Majority PAC – has been pulled from North Dakota television stations due to inaccuracies.

Here’s the ad, which repeats false allegations about Rick Berg billing taxpayers for expensive trips (among other things). I wrote about those accusations previously, noting that while Democrats talk of expensive travel, Berg actually averaged just $630/year in travel expenses during his more than two decades in the legislature.

The Berg campaign sent out this statement after being notified that the ad would be pulled.

Fading in recent polls, Heitkamp and her liberal allies have become increasingly desperate, resorting to false and personal attacks against Rick to avoid talking about the big issues in this election. Harry Reid has invested over $5 million dollars in false attacks against Rick to help Heidi Heitkamp because he knows that she will be a rubber stamp for the liberal Obama agenda. With Harry Reid’s latest attack pulled from stations just 5 days before Election Day, we are confident that North Dakotans will continue to reject these false attacks and focus on real issues in this historic election for our nation’s future.

According to the campaign, they’ve been notified by NBC affiliates in the state that the ad will be pulled.

On a related note, has anyone noticed a big disparity in the tone of ads being run by Republicans and Democrats? Going beyond the cliched griping about “attack ads,” Berg has actually gotten flak from conservatives in the state for running an ad (which the NRSC ran, to be clear, not Berg) which actually called Hedi Heitkamp “nice.”

Meanwhile, Democrats have accused Berg of being a slum lord. Of voting to allow people to burn to death in their apartments. Of being a callous and uncaring rich guy, etc., etc.

I know it’s fashionable to condemn all politicians of sleazy politics, but in the Senate race most of the sleaze has really been coming from the left.

Rob Port

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